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    I’m buying a parcel in Colorado, but the sellers are in Maryland. In the process of locating a mobile notary, I was informed that regardless of where the property is located, the notary must have a special license (?) to notarize deeds in the State of Maryland. Is anyone familiar with this?

    As a result, I may have to go with a title closing, but I’m paying $2000 for the property. Does anyone have any title company or attorney leads in Maryland? Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance,


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    Update. Ok — lesson learned: Don’t panic and assume the worst after talking to just one person. Turns out you can have deeds notarized in MD, but typically banks (and some notary publics) may refuse out of liability concerns. But it is possible to find others to notarize these documents in Maryland without spending money on a title closing.

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