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    Neil Palmquist
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    As I began to work toward trying a first infill lot ONLY marketing campaign, I quickly realized that generating a substantial list of infill lot only properties to mail would take quite a bit of time, at least per the approach I was following.

    1) Determine fastest growing cities in USA.
    2) Determine fastest growing nearby counties of said cities
    3) Then… you guessed it, zip codes, etc., blah, etc. blah

    Unfortunately, once I had identified what I considered great areas, I found that such areas tend to have very few infill lot properties to even mail. (Some not even ONE!) While I could just keep compiling area after area to ultimately generate a good infill lot list of 1500 or more, that seems like it would take quite a bit of time that, at this point, I might better spend elsewhere.

    My thoughts are that simply marketing for houses and lots together in such areas seems like a far more sound use of my time to capture such parcel opportunities, as their numbers are just so infrequent. Nevertheless, I’m always amazed at the resourcefulness of our forum and thought I’d reach out and see if/how others might be approaching an infill lot ONLY marketing campaign. (For example, just add a handful of found lots to every rural campaign… Mail a handful out separately every day… etc. )

    I would love to get at least a few of these under my belt before jumping into houses. So, any advice and/or input would be much appreciated.


    Neil Palmquist
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  • Michael Aillon
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    Matt Rogers
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    I did an infill only mailer in Middle Tennessee recently. I’m still learning how to properly price APN schemes etc, so on my 1st 600 offer infill mailer, it was more of a one price shotgun approach for everything under 1 acre. I’ve bought 4 infill properties for $2,500 each before title fees (bringing each to around $3,300 all in) and have just sold one after two months (asked $15k, sold for $10k), and look to have a buyer lined up on another lot after about 6 weeks for sale online (will also sell for $10k).

    I’m getting much more involved with local real estate agents and builders who have called about all 4 of my properties. Took a few weeks for the phone to ring, but definitely building a buyers list in that area. Everyone has been willing to chat for a few minutes about whatever questions I have. Local builders have a lot of great info to share.

    Same as you Neil, I need to dig into the APN pricing structures to hone in on specific areas & price accordingly. That will bring in bigger deals that don’t laugh at a $2,500 blanket offer. Steve discussed it a bit on the last member call, though it seemed like he was talking about using DateTree, which he said is much more user friendly than RQ Pro. Luke Smith showed on one of his YouTube pricing videos how to combine using Title Pro 24/7 & RQ Pro to mail APN group numbers, so there’s something there.

    These are not great lots I’m currently buying, and they’re selling at 3x my purchase price. I’m sure good lots in good neighborhoods will fly off the shelves.

    I’d love to hear anyone else chime in. I’m currently flying blind doing infill lots & making money, so we can all crush it with some actual refinement.

    Neil Palmquist
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    @MattRogers – Thanks for sharing Matt, that’s awesome! Middle TN should be a great area (Fast growing). Hopefully that will help it be “forgiving” and profitable while you iron out your mailer process.

    Up until a moment or two ago I was pretty settled on a first “infill Lot” campaign location; a truly beautiful region, a bit of a vacation draw, within proximity to a top growing market in the country, and average days on market for homes in the area are in the low to mid 20s.

    That said, every neighborhood I’ve tackled the APN structure so far for is part of a Property or Home Owners Association, with pretty strict building requirements (Stone or Brick only, No Modulars or Mobile homes, etc). One even sounds like they retain control (legally somehow) over the buying and selling of all properties, which I hadn’t heard of before. As such, I thought it best to seek others experience on buying and selling in such communities, before I spend more time on this particular region. In short, has anyone any advice and/or input on buying and selling within Property Owner or Homeowner Associations? I’ve bought two properties from a POA and have had no issues, but best to learn as quickly as possible.

    In the interim, I’ll work on a different region that is “Association Free” …just to keep my pipeline going.

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    That was a good thread to read. Thanks for sharing all the tips here.

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