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    Ben Dao
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    I am looking at wooded lots. I was thinking I can clear off the trees to clear for development. It cost a lot of money to clear trees. So I was thinking what if I sold my timber to people that would need and buy it? Does anyone know what to look out for when selling your trees?

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Ben – I bought some wooded lots in Washington. When I advertised them as wooded, need to be cleared, I was contacted by people who harvest wood and offered to give me quotes on the job. If I wanted to pursue that solution, I would also get references on them, just like any other contractor. What I actually did was much easier for me: A buyer who wanted the land also owned a sawmill. He was my perfect buyer. Of course, I did not benefit from the sale of the wood, just the land. I did not want to be in the timber business so this worked out for me.

    Good luck to you.

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