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    I sent out a mailer about two weeks ago and am currently in the “haight phase” of correspondence. While haight is generally unpleasant it could be valuable as well. It occurred to me that haight could be used as another metric to judge the accuracy of our mailers. For example, too much haight is too low priced and too many accepted offers is too high priced. Do you folks have a sweet spot for amount of haight that you like to receive per thousand offers?
    Second is more of a thought on the bell curve and the distribution of the types of people, as it applies to vacant land owners. When sending out a mailer the people that receive your letters will probably fall within one of the following groups;
    1) don’t want to sell at any price
    2) want to sell at any price
    3) your price is close, but not high enough
    4) your price is good, let’s do the deal
    Additionally bell curve thinking could be applied to other aspects of this business that have a large enough data set to show trends.
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    Austin – You are not wrong but you may be thinking too much. No haight – all offers too high. All haight and no deals – all offers too low. You need to be in the middle somewhere and that is not too hard to hit if you get realistic comps and offer 25%.

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