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    Curt Dirt
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    Hello all,

    I live in CA but want to appear to be anywhere but there. I know in the SFR world many people do NOT like Californians buying up RE in their state. I think I may have lost a deal in Atlanta yesterday because of this.

    Call me paranoid, but I travel a lot and every state I go to seems to complain about Californians ruining the affordability of their state.

    Are there any problems forming a LLC, virtual address, and phone number in another state, as long as you pay the fee to CA they will hunt you down for? I have no plans to move to AZ, but want to appear I’m from there, and my company is there. I don’t anyone who hates Arizonians 🙂


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  • Rod Hall
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    I love in ca. I have an LLC in a different state. I don’t buy or sell in ca. I don’t pay the franchise fee either. Doesn’t mean they wouldn’t mess with me anyway. I am just so far below the radar I don’t think there is must risk.

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