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    Thomas Robbins
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    I have sold many things online in the past and understand that there is no shortage of flakey people that call on items listed for sale. I did not expect this with real estate though. I am trying to sell my first two properties and am getting a steady flow of interested buyers but ALL of them disappear after telling me how interested they are to buy! I’m advertising on Craigslist and Zillow right now. The properties have good attributes, almost 5 acres each and are priced at half of what 2.5 acre properties are. Is the issue my lack of reach in marketing or because they are desert properties where several others are being bought and sold?

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Thomas – you did not say what county these are in but I think I can give you some reasons for flakey buyers.
    – Desert Property
    – Cheap
    – Too many for sale in that market
    – Not enough advertising

    You are attracting the right buyers but you are operating at the bottom end of the market and people are more flakey. You can get better at closing these deals on the phone when they call. Advertising on may help and could bring in a sightly different buyer profile. The other thing you may be up against is that MANY land investors sell desert lots on terms. Those flakey buyers usually don’t have the cash and are looking for terms deals.

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    Thomas Robbins
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    That was my feeling, thanks Kevin. I’m moving on away from the desert.

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