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    Hi All!

    I might have overlooked this in the package. I’m trying to locate a property’s GPS via Earthpoint.us. But I only have the Lot/Block//Unit and can’t figure out how to get the Township/Range/Section to fly to the property on Google Earth.

    Does anyone have any info to assist?

    The property is in Valencia County, NM.

    Thank you

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    Thanks, Jeff. Yes, its in the CFFL program and I have a video on YouTube about locating property also.

    Please check the county website for a GIS site first on all these asset types. I will save a ton of time if they have them organized according to APN or owner name.

    Valenica county does have a GPS site and we use it all the time. Here is a link.


    Put in the APN (may take a few tries as the APNs in that county are very lengthy) and pull the GPS coordinates. If they are not tied to GPS, you can do it along side Google Earth to find the land.

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