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    Josh George
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    Hi All,
    I wanted to get some opinions on a couple of things. I joined LA a few years back and worked at it for almost two years. I completed almost 2 dozen deal but they were all the standard cheap, desert properties. It seemed like I was always breaking even on the deals since there wasn’t much margin to begin with. Needless to say I got burned out with that. Along with that, I haven’t been able to do much with my land business for quite some time now with other things going on (job, etc.) but I’m really looking to ramp things back up and get back into it.

    I currently have a .org as my domain and I really feel that I should change this to a .com. Would anyone agree? Is it worth re-doing my entire website, email, social media, etc. to make this change? Or should I just continue with what I currently have setup and move on. Just curious what your thoughts are.

    Also, with trying to gain some momentum in this, I only have a very small budget to get started with and I really don’t want to chase the small, cheap desert properties like I did before. I really don’t want to get burned out with those again. I know there have been a lot of developments with LA Deal Funding and such (which is awesome!) so should I just focus on finding deals and partnering with someone on the financing portion of it, or should I try and do some smaller deals to begin with to try and build some capital? Thoughts?

    I really want to get things going again with this business because I can see the real value in it. I’ve proven to myself that it works, but I guess it can be a little overwhelming getting started again. I want to get off on the right foot.

    Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Laurie Phillips
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    Hi Josh,

    In the Cash Flow From Land training Steve says get a .com. After many years with Internet-related work I can confirm that a .com represents a commercial business (as well as other uses), and .org is used by non-profits or similar non-commerical organizations. Changing websites from .org to .com isn’t complicated, although it becomes more of a pain you have a lot of employees. You can buy the .com domain and have your host help you move the site. You’ll still have to make some changes to internal links but as long as your site doesn’t have dozens of pages it’s not a big deal. You can find someone to change links, set up redirects, and test all pages on fiverr. You can also have email from the old site forward to your new domain and start giving out your .com email as soon as it’s set up.

    You’ll need capital to do mailers and due diligence (you might need to hire a photographer, surveyor, etc.), in addition to buying your first properties. On a podcast Steve and Jill said they expect investors who are looking for Land Tank funding to put in some of their own money to have “skin in the game”. I don’t remember if they put a dollar amount on that. You can contact other funders to find out what their criteria are.

    Hope that helps.

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