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    This week I sent out my first Mailer 🙂
    I’m so excited… but also a little worried and so I begin to wonder how I could prepare best for what’s coming?
    What would be your advice, and which are the top 3 topics to focus on in this pahse?

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  • Neil H
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    Essentially you need to make sure you’re organized and ready to respond to calls.

    1. Be prepared to answer the phone. Have a checklist ready to follow when asking the caller questions about the parcel and have relevant documents open and ready to go — your spreadsheet, ParcelFact, county GIS map, etc.
    2. Think about how you’re going to document the calls. Maybe open a new worksheet (tab) in your spreadsheet (workbook) to document when and who called. Include the date/time, their name, contact phone number, reference number, and details of the call. Highlight the relevant row on your spreadsheet and color code it (red = angry caller, yellow = someone is interested but on the fence, green = interested in selling).
    3. Think about how you’re going to close on the deal and follow up. Will it be a self-close? If so, how will you explain that to the seller and what documents will you ask for? Also, do you have a checklist put together for due diligence? For example, call county to ask about taxes & liens, check maps and ParcelFact for physical access, have a title search performed, etc.

    Congratulations and good luck!


    Joe Martin
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    Hi Marc,
    I agree with Neil, one other thing I would add is how you plan to handle the hate calls. A canned response such as “my sincerest apologies, I must have miss-priced your offer” works well. Some people are just mad at the world so you’ll end up being their punching bag, don’t let it get to you. When someone comes back wanting to sell, ask them to sign and send back the Purchase Agreement. I wasted so much time in the beginning researching properties and having discussions with the county on a property where the seller said they were interested, but would balk when I asked for them to sign the agreement. The people who truly want to sell will jump through a few hoops to make it happen and if signing a piece of paper and scanning, faxing, emailing, or mailing it back is too difficult for them, they’re not really interested, or are going to be difficult the entire way through. Congrats on getting your mailer out, the first one is the hardest! Best of luck

    Joe Martin

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