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    Aaron Sauceda
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    As you all know, Google Earth Pro no longer supports APN searches — arghhhhhh!

    I’ve had trouble locating parcels with comfortable degrees of confidence. Has anyone figured out an effective alternative to finding parcels?

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  • S. Jack Butala
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    The traditional way starts with a plat map. From there I use earthpoint.us once I have the range, township, section you can overlay it on google earth.

    There is a learning curve but once you complete the first one, you’ll never get stuck again.

    I file this under “this is one of the reasons the whole world is not in this business.”

    I have a Youtube video on our landacademy channel if you need a walk through. Thanks, Aaron.

    Aaron Sauceda
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    Thanks for the walk through, Steve. I’ll be sure to watch your YouTube video on that.

    I’ve been utilizing that process so far, but haven’t felt confident in my process. Here here to it being a barrier to entry.

    Thanks again,

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