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    I have a property in FLA and I have a buyer but they need financing. I don’t want to do owner financing. Does anyone here finance buyers or should I finance my buyer and then sell the note?

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  • Neil H
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    If you don’t finance, then you don’t finance. Lower the price to attract a cash buyer if you need to move it faster.

    Kevin Farrell
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    Dbalt – I agree with Neil – strongly. You will get a lot of lookers who want you to finance. If that is not how you plan to sell it, then just wait for another buyer. If you have it priced right, someone else will show up to pay cash. Sometimes if that buyer who wants terms really wants it, they will figure out a way to buy it. If it is under $10K I usually suggest that they buy it on a credit card. Some of them can do that and then they can make the payments to their credit card.


    Susan Bernard
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    True, lowering the price to attract a cash buyer can help you in growing faster. But if you are still confused and need some time of financial consultant then go for it. My brother was in confusion he consulted Prestige Capital Corporation, the firm helped him and guided him. It is always better to look up for all solutions and then take a decision.

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