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    Luke Smith
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    How do I figure out the city transfer taxes?

    I paid the county transfer tax the recorder quotes at $0.55 per $500
    They sent me a letter saying the city and the State transfer taxes are a couple of pennies each above and beyond.

    I paid them.

    Now when recording more properties in other cities or lack of cities. I am extrapolating the state tax. For the city I started putting unincorporated in most deals.

    The county says I have to call the city or figure out the city tax on my own.

    Is there an easier way to figure if a property is in a city or should I start getting to know all the city tax collectors too?

    Maybe change counties?

    Send it up and get the letter then send it up again?

    Keep calling under different names until I get someone else to answer the phone who is more helpful?

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  • Chris C
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    How did the situation come up for you to need to pay city transfer tax?

    This subject is new to me.

    Luke Smith
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    I’m still scratching my head. Think I should put unincorporated where anything asks for the city unless I know it is actually in the city.

    The land I got for buying the program in the middle of nowhere Elko County NV. Came back to me from the recorder needing some small city and state transfer tax on top of the small county transfer tax. What freaking city? All 12 people who live in Montello NV about a half an hour drive away.

    The lady who answers the phone and pretty much runs the Recording office under the recorders name was really helpful and did the calculation for me.

    My selected starter county is not as nice to work with. They say you figure it out. Call the state and the city to see or hire someone who knows.

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