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    John Pitkin
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    Anyone here have experience with paying for a boost of their property listing on Facebook Marketplace? I only see options for controlling the duration and budget. No control over selecting target demographics. What am I missing?

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  • Rod Hall
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    John. I did that recently. The response was overwhelming. I have since learned one should have a system to handle all the DM!

    Brian L
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    Are you boosting a post from your personal account or is it a post on a business page?

    It has been my experience that a personal post is just boosted generically, no demographics are allowed. FB just picks the people it thinks will interact the most with it and shows it to that population.

    A boosted page ad on the other hand, you can control SOME of the demographics on. Disclamier, I have sold other stuff on FB which I ran ads on, but have just recently posted my first Land ad on FB. I had to list it under the “special ad category” because it is considered (at least by FB) as housing. This limits what you can specify. I was able to send it to a specific area (the surrounding large cities where the parcel is physically located).

    Kyle Bryant
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    Facebook recently changed their rules and options regarding land/real estate listings. I used to be able to do some serious targeting for my paid ads from my business page. That worked great. Since they’ve changed things up, I haven’t had as much luck, but I probably need to adjust my tactics to fit the new rules.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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