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    Jeffrey Feldman
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    Hi – I just listened to CFFL 355 where Jack and Jill were discussing being able to add to email lists and websites from eBay – how do I do that ? I am allowed to put a weblink there – I didn’t think I could ? How do I email those who bid or watched my auctions.

    Thank you

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  • Nick Sliger
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    Hi Jeffery,
    I just put up an eBay auction tonight. I put my website url and my business email in the post. I will let you know if I have any problems and how many names I gather for my buyers list.

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    Hey Nick, did you get any flak on eBay for including outside links? I am interested in posting on eBay to build a buyer’s list and increase traffic for other deals.

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    Hi Jeffrey, Matt, and Nick —

    How did this go?

    Curious to hear your experiences on this, with Ebay – as I’m getting started and looking to drive leads in a similar way.

    Any insights or lessons learned?

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