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    Alex Walsh
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    Hello Land Investors,

    I am an engineer by day, but have taken a recent interest in real estate in general and especially in the idea of flipping rural vacant land. The business model looks quite scalable once you get into it.

    After reading a lot on here, Mark Podolsky’s and Seth Willam’s websites, I wanted to ask some due diligence questions before incurring the $5k program cost. Feel free to comment on any or all of them.

    -I live in southern Pennsylvania, and would prefer to invest around the East Coast if possible. It sounds like the people really successful at this buy primarily in desert states such as TX, AZ, NM, NV, and CA. What kind of possibility is there on the East Coast? States like PA, NY, VA, WV, NC, SC. Anyone had success here?

    -For those of you who have now replaced your full time incomes with land investing, how much time did you put in to get there? Every night and weekend outside of your day job until you could leave it?

    -For those just doing this part time currently (maybe a few deals a year), how much time are you putting in? I get that everything follows the “you get out what you put in” rule, but a ball park of time spent on researching/contacting counties, putting together mailers, talking with sellers, etc.

    -Truly how tricky is all the paperwork involved in buying and selling a piece of raw land? I know it isn’t rocket science, but the numerous legal documents seem a bit overwhelming.

    -Has anyone completed their first deal or two WITHOUT the guidance, internet tools and document templates from the course? I’d like to make my way fully through one buying & selling deal before making the course investment just to ensure this is the right thing for me, and I’d love to chat on the phone with someone who has done that.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!

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  • John Pitkin
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    I am also an engineer and started in the land business part-time about 3 years ago while living overseas. I didn’t try to figure it out myself. I spent the money for an online course to get started and it was helpful. I usually put in 10-15 hours per week, averaging about one deal per month. I did everything myself at the beginning. Now I have a bit of help from remote assistants for due diligence and posting ads, and I let title companies handle the paperwork now that I am moving into higher price ranges ($10K-$50K). I only work southwestern states and I only do cash deals. The business is working for me, so I am trying to ramp it up in preparation for going full time when I am able to leave my job. Feel free to send me a message with any questions.

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