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  • Luke Smith
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    Got this land buyer bought numerous properties in the past. Talk to him in the am he is fine later in the day and not so much. He drinks heavily like spends the night in jail drinking problem. He keeps buying land late in the day then calling a day or two later saying I made a mistake or more recentally he made a mistake and wants his money back.

    Mark the land sold then put it back up for sale and it’s getting old.

    Should I charge him a restocking fee? Refund fee? More warnings? I don’t think my payment system is good enough to just automatically block him but I’m about ready to.

    What would you guys do?

    He never answers the phone. He calls from his car parked in the driveway so his mom can’t hear him.

    Michael Aillon
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    Hey Luke.

    I remember you talking about this guy before.

    I would simply FIRE the buyer. Life is too short to have this guy interrupt your land buying and selling machine. Tell him you can’t work with anymore and simply refund his charge when it comes in.

    Best of Luck!

    Jason L.
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    Tough question. You said he already bought from you. Does he actually own land that he is paying on? If so then he does not want to lose that. Charge him a restocking fee on the land he owns. I do not think you will go very far with charging him a restocking fee on land that has a money back guarantee. I do not see an issue with setting a limit to the number of transactions that he can return. We read it all the time. “limit 1 per customer” Will your processor allow you to flag his account, and not allow him to buy? There is a thin line between fraud and downright stupidity. As seller we have rights and protection also. We run a business and I believe we can limit the people that we sell to. I would probably not sell to someone that contacts me on Facebook, asks no questions, has 0 likes or anything on their feed, lives in a foreign country and wants to pay in YEN. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results!!

    When you talk to him say that there is a flag on his account for too many transactions (or whatever).

    Profile photo of B.D. JonesB.D. Jones
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    If it were me I would tell him this: (email if he doesn’t answer the phone – and even email or letter if he does answer just to have it writing)

    “Mr. Drunk Buyer, I can’t keep doing this. This is the last time I will be able to refund your money for a land purchase. It cost me money to reverse the transaction so in the future…”

    and I’d either say one the other…

    “I will charge you a restocking fee of x…”


    “I will not be giving any refunds. When you make a purchase the land is then yours. If you buy land from me in the future you are agreeing that these are the terms. I appreciate your business and like having you as a customer. But I am running a business and have to correct this.”

    Something like that…

    Regardless I’d make sure he knew any future purchases he makes without knowing what he wants are going to cost him and not me. I’d be nice about it (maybe not as terse as above) but I’d make it clear his misktakes are on him in the future. Good luck Luke!

    Trevor Probandt
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    Ask him what his favorite flavor is, then send him a new list of properties with a case of his choice of drink????? ha ha ha ha

    Fire HIM Luke! You already know what to do, just do it.

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    Don’t fire him Luke. Give him free one of the lands you’re giving free on your Chanel. Tell him he’s your most valuable customer.

    The benefit for you might be that he’s not going to ask for refund on the other purchases he made. And possible other benefits of the guy might be, that he will become your friend and market your business in the bar. Whatever that is worth I don’t know.

    Yes block him from clicking your buy button.

    I ask myself always this question: What if the complete opposite is true? Often, it is the truth!

    Luke Smith
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    So fire him one way or another I got to fire him. I get it.

    Thanks guys.

    Time to add on to the terms right to refuse service. Now I get why those signs show up here and there.

    Pat Aungier
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    Stripe has a “Blocklist”…

    The blocklist page lists, for each item, when and how it was added to the list. Most items are added by refunding a payment as fraudulent, and for these items the Origin column links to that payment.

    You can also add items:

    By clicking the Add button on the blocklist page and entering an email address or card number. (In these cases, the Origin column indicates the user who added the item.)

    Luke Smith
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    Nice, leave it to stripe!

    Luke Smith
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    Drunk did is buying more land. O look at the time. Guess he returns it tomorrow agian. Maybe he will keep some this time?

    Chuck Lidtka
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    Did he keep the land or is he still passed out?

    Luke Smith
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    He seems to of kept it this time. I’m a couple weeks behind on returning calls so I might find him in the que. It’s time to hire more phone support.

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