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    The seller who sent me a signed offer also included a property report card, and in the notes section it says “Drainage/Sink hole”. It’s rolling terrain but the parcel doesn’t appear to be at the bottom, and there are buildings all around it, with city sewer on site. I emailed the assessor about it and he replied “Field reviewers may have noted reason for conditioning the land value.” Anyone experience anything like this?

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    I have seen situations similar to this. Unfortunately the assessor wasn’t able to provide you with any real helpful information. You need to find out exactly what they observed that caused them to place the note on the report card and the extent to which it affects the property. My suggestion would be to ask the seller about it first. If they don’t have enough information for you I would ask if they have worked with a professional of any kind regarding the issue (civil engineer or similar) and contact them. I would check and see that there are no notes on the plat map or similar that denotes some kind of restriction regarding the use of the property in that area. Sometimes this shows up as a note “RUA” meaning Restricted Use Area. You can also contact a civil engineer in the area that may be able to help you. If all this sounds like too much to deal with then you may want to walk away if you haven’t already.

    Good luck


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