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    Anthony Taft
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    I just heard Jack say on the podcast not to mail Arizona especially Mohave and Santa Cruz counties.

    He said that those counties in particular and Arizona in general, were over mailed and would not pass the Red Green Yellow Test and he was going to run the numbers at some point to prove it.

    Interesting for me because I am in process of taking 11 properties in Mohave County through the tax lien foreclosure process.
    I have got the deeds on 3 so far and waiting on motions for service by publication on the others. I have never mailed Mohave county and I probably will not after what I learned

    I chose properties mainly in Riviera by the river, Fort Mohave and some in Topock with lake views.

    So to ease my worries that I may be stuck with these properties for a long while. I did a basic RGY test for the county.

    Here are the results:

    -Days on Market Nov19-60 days, Dec19-70 days Jack says under 50 is the target and over 80 a no-go so Yellow then

    -% of properties for sale vs total amount of properties 3400/259,000 = 1.3% Under 1% is the target so Yellow then

    -List to sold percent, Target under 100% From Zillow 3400 current for sale /12 months sold 12,281 = 27% Green Then
    For land only 1650/2800 = 58% still green

    So on the factors: Yellow, Yellow, Green – Not as bad as I thought, but it still does not meet the test.

    Anyone here have experience mailing Mohave county?

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  • Anthony Taft
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    Sorry DOM was Nov2020 and Dec2020

    Thomas Robbins
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    I didn’t get that great of a response from Mohave as other counties, but I did get several calls still and picked up a couple lots. The callers did mention that they had received other offers and assumed that there is a big run on property there due to development, not realizing that many beginning investors like myself start there and it’s over mailed.

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