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    I was wondering if anyone uses The training video says its free, and I had to pay $29 dollars a month for 6 months to use it. Once I payed the $29 dollars, I found that it has a very low amount of data available for me to be able to make a decision about a good area to send mailers. How are people getting around this? How do you find out if an area is good or not?

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    Since they changed to a fee-based I don’t think Steven will be recommending it… I asked and they said they wouldn’t pay for the service and it wasn’t really neccessary in today’s climate to need that info to make good decisions. Steven is revamping 1.0 and updating it with current info as there are a few gaps/holes in the service. So, maybe you could zero in on the areas it does have data and since you paid go for a mailing to tax deliquiencies

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