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    Just a a guy calling me about my offer using a very strong language. Very very strong and seriously offensive. And my offer was very respectable for the area.

    I attacked back, not with a bad language, I kept it very civil but to the point I made the guy regret what he said.

    Have you guys done this before? It this wrong?

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  • Joe Schmitt
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    I’ve had upset people. Most just rant and then hang up. I try to pause after they get done venturing and let them calm down. Then I try to end the call as quickly as possible and move on to something productive.
    “I get it Mr. seller. You would let to get a lot more for your property. I’m afraid that this is all we can afford to pay. Feel free to reach out to use if things change, OK? Have a good day.”

    Jake Robinson
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    Nothing wrong with politely but firmly reeling someone in from a rant… I always use humor while laughing/chuckling and self-deprecation to lighten the mood… “I don’t blame you, Mr. Smith, I’d probably be upset too, this offer really wasn’t targeted at you… I am looking for that person who lives in Arizona and inherits a property in Tennessee and has never visited, doesn’t want to go there, doesn’t even want to fool with trying to hire a real estate agent, but if they can get a cashier’s check in about 3 days and make it easy for them to move on – that’s who this letter was intended for. I admit out of a 1000 people, most are going to be like you and just throw my letter away, there might maybe be 3 or 4 or 5 people out of a thousand that this is suited for… I did not mean to insult you… btw, do you ever buy property? Land? – (if so, I then turn the tables and see if they want to go on my buyer’s list)

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    Good responses Joe and Jake. I moved to using PatLive, so they filter out the hate! 🙂

    If someone calls or emails and wants an unrealistic response, I usually ask them questions as to why. Not what they paid for it 20 years ago, but why the value should be higher. “Oh wow, we’re really far apart on price. If you want that much, I assume you installed a septic tank and/or surveyed. When I pulled data, I try to find unimproved property. When was the last time you’ve been to it?” – usually they back off or hang up. It’s worked once or twice. Additionally, if you’re feeling really salty, I try to convert those folks to buyers, since they think it’s worth so much. That one hasn’t worked yet! lol

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