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    Ben Crapo
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    Quick question for everyone: Do you have a preference between mailing tax delinquent lists or normal mailing lists? Do you get a better response percentage?

    For those that may target tax delinquent lists:
    -how many years of delinquency do you look at? (i.e. 2 years delinquent, 3 years delinquent)
    -do you combine your price per acre and the back taxes together when assessing the offer? (what percentage are you typically offering?)

    Thank you!

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Ben – while I can not speak for everyone, most of us with LandAcademy only use the tax delinquent list to assist in finding a good county to mail to. We mail to everyone with the same offer and an offer to pay some back taxes within reason. We don’t adjust the offers for taxes owed and we don’t look them up before we mail out the offers.

    I hope that helps you.

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