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    John Clements
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    I sent a mailer out to a deceased gentlemen. His wife contacted the family attorney and the attorney contacted me and said that the wife accepts my offer.

    The husband was the only person that was listed as the Grantee.
    The wife has went to probate and is the legal heir to the property.

    How can I legally purchase the lot and have the lot recorded into my name with no hiccups?

    The wife is a resident of Kentucky and the property is located in Arizona.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Laurie Phillips
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    Hi John,

    Are they done with probate? If so, she can sell it once she gets the county to retitle the deed in her name. That process varies by county but usually requires the heir to provide an affidavit of death, an official death certificate, and some cash to the county clerk who will record it. Her attorney will know how to do that for her, and then you’re in the clear to close on the purchase. But you don’t have to wait for probate to be done. You can get it under contract now with terms that say it’s subject to completion of probate and retitling of the deed. It might take a while if it’s a complex estate or slow county (think months) but if it’s a great property that’s what I would do.


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