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    Does anyone know where you can learn about clearing up title issues? Is there a place where you can learn to specialize in clearing them up?
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    would love to know the answer to this as well! TITLE problems are blowing deals for me.

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    Sandy – more power to you if you decide to specialize in fixing title problems for people. Steve once said on a podcast that a Land Academy member does this and makes a lot of deals on land.

    Clee, the title problems are deals that you don’t want unless there is $10K to $20K to be made on them. Send more mail and pick the easy deals. I normally tell the seller that he/she needs to Open Probate to get the deed in his/her name (this is the problem most of the time). I let them call me back if/when they get that done. On smaller parcels where the offer price is below $3000 it just isn’t worth the trouble and expense.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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