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    Tina Opel
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    I have been using a popular CRM for the last couple months (since I started land investing) and while it is very easy to work with it is also pretty expensive, and I think I’d rather put that money towards actual land deals. How do you organize all of your leads- from initial receiving to purchase to sale? Doing it on Excel seems very daunting to me (unless there are some tricks that I don’t know about to make the info more manageable). And I like the idea of paper records even less. Any recommendations?

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  • Darald (@AggieLand)
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    @tbirdopel I’ve not dove into it yet, but am planning to look into using You might want to check it out. The basic CRM is free.

    Anwar Montgomery
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    I use hubspot. it’s good. you can customize it pretty nicely especially for free. when you want to scale up, the paid version can do some crazy stuff and very customozabke. my wife is a broker and her team uses it. cost them 10s of thousands but it does some amazing stuff

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    I started using Pipedrive and I love it!

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