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    John Pitkin
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    What is the purpose of the control number I’ve seen on spreadsheets in the training videos? I don’t think it was ever explained. Is it just a way to identify the offer, or is it used as a method to check for corruption in the spreadsheet?

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  • Curtis Eickenloff
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    John, I use the control numbers to help keep track of what mailer the blind offers comes from. Once you get multiple mailers going at one time, it is the only way I can keep things straight.

    Kevin Farrell
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    I put the control number on the offer letter as the REF#. My REF# has a code for State and County followed by a 4 digit number. For example: Kern County CA might look like this CKER-2506. I pile all of my data sets into a big google sheet. I try to get the REF#, name and phone number when people call in response to my offers. When I get a call I just search for the REF# using the Find/Replace function and it pulls up that record out of 20,000 or more records.

    Once you get past the first few mailers the problem of keeping track of things will become obvious. You have to be able to keep the data separated and you have to be able to find one record quickly.

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