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    mike dugan
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    Hey everyone! getting ready to do my first term deal in Colorado this week. I think I have seen some postings stating that land contracts aren’t really used in CO, but some kind of lease-purchase agreement is acceptable. Is that everyone’s understanding? Anyone have a good template for this? thanks for any and all help!


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  • Luke Smith
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    this link might be over the top for vacant land

    Would like to get that ready for CA too.

    The samples in the package are pretty long and wordy to retype. They might be copyrighted or something hence the big sample written across them.

    Congrats on the possible sale on terms!

    Luke Smith
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    Thought I would be facing this problem today. Got a guy really excited about my land. He wants the terms at $100 down and $100 a month for 45 months over the cash offer of $2500. Weird math but it sure works for him. Yesterday he got his social security deposit so today he had money to go look at the property. He has been studying the heck out of it on the Internet.

    He drove a couple hours to go see it.

    He had trouble finding it, went to town and called me for more directions. He went back and thinks he found it.

    He herd gun shots! Looked around and the neighbor is standing by his fence aiming his rifle at him.

    He took off and called me from town. I lost the sale but he still wants to look at other properties in the area I just bought. I don’t even have the deeds back from the notaries yet.

    Maybe next week I will sign him up on a different property!

    Damn neighbor. Maybe I should send him a letter and offer the land for sale so he knows what is going on.

    Greg B
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    Did you ever find a land contract or lease purchase agreement that works in Colorado? It seems everybody would prefer terms on my properties, but I am not set up to do this yet.

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