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    Someone called me from an online ad to sell me their 4 acres land in Louisiana. They gave me the owner name, address, and parcel number. I tried to find it in the Parish’s (County) geomapping and it does not come up. I called the Parish and they transferred me to the 911 manager that confirmed the address and gave me the coordinates of what they had being the closest location to it. I was able to pull that on the google maps, but not the address. The Parish geomap does not show the parcel number I have from the seller. The county tax assessor confirmed it was the correct parcel number. The assessor said they did not have a PLAT map or any maps of the property location. On agentpro247, it shows four separate parcels on that private road (two have access to the main road), but when I click on the parcels, it says “unable to retrieve parcel information.” Any ideas on how to find this parcel to see exactly what land is for sale? She has been holding it for almost 20 years and her son finally called me to have her sell it. So I doubt they have received many offers. Thoughts, ideas?

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