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    Luke Smith
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    Would anyone be interested in being part of or watching a live mailer from start to finish on one of the weekly calls?

    Thinking we find someone that:
    Paid for the program and actually studied it
    Would like to do a mailer
    Not sure where
    Has the budget
    And lets us do it for/with them

    I walk through doing it live. While Jack and Jill are on the air contributing too. (could also be the new mailer service person doing a live demo of the new service if not me)

    We strategize together. We research the market together and we talk about the logic of the decisions along the way.

    Think we would all learn different things from this activity.

    Not sure Jack and Jill would be ok with showing the secret sauce off or not in that kind of venue but we can ask right?

    The last mailer I did I probably had it out to the printer in less than an hour. That is research and everything. Maybe with the logic discussion we should split it into a two part series. Research and pulling data then merging the data into an actual mailer.

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  • Darald (@AggieLand)
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    @luketsmith was this idea ever discussed with Jack & Jill?

    @rodhall98 would you mind sharing the Fb group link? I just pulled the trigger on the program and don’t recall a “members only” Fb group.

    Rod Hall
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    AAggieLand. I don’t recall. Perhaps I wasn’t clear. There isn’t a fb group just for LandInvestors as far as I know.

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