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    Luke Harris
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    I’m really getting my business systems and process layout slimmed down and making the processes as efficient as possible, Do any of you know of good software or platform of some kind that would hold all of those process layouts in and easy to understand way? and where you could click on one section of the process and it would pull up the process that would be in each block? Also, each of the process maps needs a set of instructions to accomplish it, right? Since early on I’ve been keeping all my “SOPs” in in word documents, but that is super clunky, and ideas on a way of holding all that information in an easy to edit and easy to access format?

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  • Joe McLain
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    I’m going to subscribe to this post but I have heard a lot of good stuff about Podio which is a kind of Project Management software. You can try it for free for up to 5 people in your org.


    Joe Schmitt
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    I’m a process consultant, and I help lots of large businesses dissect their processes and digitize them on a certain software platform called ServiceNow. I use Visio for more of my work. I typically start with a large overview of the process in its entirety and then zoom into chunks of the process in separate tabs with swimlanes and decision criteria. We usually create separate artifacts for form details and the data model on the back end. The goal, of course, is to have a reference for building a comprehensive software tool.

    That probably doesn’t map 100% to what we do as land investors. Like you, I’ve been struggling to find a way to map the whole process out and link it to the specific sub-processes and forms, and documents that we use along the way.

    I have the basic workings of deal flow laid out in Visio for my own sanity. As I work my way through things (I am still trying to sell my first properties) I am laying out the sub-processes and documenting my forms, etc. I have looked into Process Street a little bit as a means to automation, but I’m sort of waiting until I at least have a few deals done from county selection to payment received.

    Seth Williams interviewed a guy last month who has already built a tool. I have thought about looking into that too. It sounded pretty neat, but I’ve not done any more investigation into it. The tool is called Land Speed.

    PM me if you want to put our heads together. Maybe we can come up with something sort of comprehensive to hold out as a Best Practice (or even a good practice) for the community at large.

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    I use podio, it tracks each process of land buying and selling, and keeps all the data online. It also makes it really easy to assign tasks to my VA’s.

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