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    Ben Crapo
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    Hi Everyone!

    So this is my first official post (tested out a comment yesterday but figured this was the best place to start). My wife and I have been researching vacant land investing, somewhat passively I might add, for the better part of 6 months. Over the past 2 months, I figured it was time to take it seriously and really buckled down the research (look at something other than youtube videos) and gave myself a launch date (June 1st 2019). The goal is to target vacant land residential lots between .25 and 5 acres to start, supplement with larger wholesale lots to get experience with bigger deals without the risk, and scale upward from there.

    I would really like to test a soft start and do a mailer to start. Here are the main things I have questions on:

    1. What is the least amount of setup (entity, PO box, mailers, etc.) that you need to perform your first mailing?

    2. What would be the first things you would set up after your first mailer (buyer/seller site, google voice, etc.)?

    3. How worth it has the Pro Membership been and would you recommend enrolling right away for a beginner?

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  • Larry and Shirley Stewart
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    Welcome Ben,
    To address you questions, based on advice from Steve and Jill…
    (1) You want a permanent mail address for your offers, in case you move from your current location, your mail can still get to you, 1 year, 5 years, 20 years into the future.
    (2) Same with a phone number. Google voice isn’t the best. Look at Ring Central, or I use Vumber.
    (3) Pro Membership (Silver) gives you access to great tools including RealQuest, Parcel Fact, and a better rate for Offers2Owners. I would think you would benefit greatly from these, not to mention the great info in Land Academy 1.0 and 2.0.
    The rest of the stuff (entity, website, etc) you can do later. Not crucial while you are doing your first few deals.
    I hope that helps, and again, Welcome to the Group!
    – Larry

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