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    Stacey Richardson
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    What is the best\quickest way to get someone to a property and get some pics?? Google maps is 4 years old so need to make sure no recent forest fires, etc.



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  • victor fernandez
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    post on craigslist section of “gigs” in the area of the land. telling someone you’ll pay them $50 to take 8 to 10 nice photos of the land. must be a photographer

    if you want quicker than that leave out you have to be a photographer. youll get them faster , more responses but crappier pictures

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    Another suggestion is to post in Facebook groups in the area of the property.

    Kevin Farrell
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    Stacey – As Victor says, advertise on CL near the area where you need photos. I know that some people (not me) have had luck with thumbtack. I usually offer $100 per parcel and I try to get photos of 4 or 5 parcels at a time if I can. This makes it a pretty good payday for the photographer. You can ask them to report on road conditions, terrain, wildlife, fire damage, etc. Even a bad picture is better than using only GE images for your ad. When you talk to a photographer ask him/her if they are familiar with GPS coordinates and how to use them. They may have trouble finding the property once they leave the paved roads.

    One more thing that I did recently that worked great. After getting no response to my CL ads, I googled “land for sale in “smalltown” CA”. I got a CL ad for land similar to mine. It looked like another investor. I went to his website and called him. We talked land for a bit and then he gave me the photographers name and number. The photographer was really good. Find those ads with nice pics and use the same photographer. I will be doing more of this in the future.

    Matt Rogers
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    Thumbtack has worked well for me. Usually higher quality photographers with references or a body of work. CL and FB can work, but I’ve had some rough experiences with those. Thumbtack photogs were a bit more money, but the quality was much better, and usually much easier to work with. Get what you pay for.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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