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    Luke Harris
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    Hey all, I’m creating an autoresponder for my e-mail list and I want each individual that signs up to have a limited time offer where the clock starts ticking when they sign up, I tried getting this functionality by combining moonclerk with aweber but moonclerk does not support automatically created coupons.

    Has anyone else done this?

    Have any of you guys applied e-mail marketing, autoresponders and e-mail launches to the land business with success?

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  • Joe Schmitt
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    Hi Luke,

    I am in the process of doing this for my WordPress site. Rather than using a coupon, my plan is to create an opt-in banner at the front of my for sale page that allows the visitor to view property details once they provide an email address. I am looking for one that integrates with MailChimp as it seems to have the broadest range of plugins and it works with Podio (which I will use as my CRM).

    I see the value in a time-based coupon though. I would be interested in seeing how that goes for you. PM me and we can compare notes.

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