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  • Shabado
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    I do not have a merchant account yet but I’m looking to make a selling website via WordPress. I was looking at one of the most popular real estate themes and saw that only a small few templates mentioned their ability to accept credit cards and the one linked above only accepted gateways for Paypal and Stripe.

    I’d like to know how those of you using WordPress have addressed this with your own sites. I understand also that credit card companies are somewhat volatile in this area and a company that allows you to use a merchant account for land today, may not necessarily accept it in the future. I’d prefer to avoid having to hire a programmer or change WP templates should such an event occur.

    I suppose I’m just showing my ignorance for how WordPress sites work.

    Any input or advice would be warmly appreciated.

    …Also show me your favorite WordPress templates or websites!

    Patrick Ayers
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    I don’t have merchant accounts set up (yet), but I use the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress on my selling site. I use the AgentPress Pro Theme (although I’m not certain it was worth the purchase…; I probably could have found a suitable free theme).

    I set up each property as a product, and fill it out with pictures, text, and maps. I use the county/state as categories. In addition to some performance- and theme-related plugins (which I’m not going to share, since I’m not sure how they all work), the plugins I use are:

    • Facebook for WooCommerce: I use this to automatically share new properties to my Facebook store (which mostly just links back to the page, but is probably good for some Facebook SEO juice).
    • Google Analytics: Because you want to know where your traffic is coming from
    • Hustle: I use this to manage my mailing list optins.
    • Mailgun: WooCommerce uses this to send store-related emails. Free tier for your first 10,000 emails per month
    • Maps Builder: I use this to create Google Maps for the listings; requires a (free for low volume) Google API key configuration. I am planning on upgrading to the paid version, in order to enable the
    • Offers for WooCommerce: Enables visitors to submit offers on the property. If you accept their offer, they can checkout through your store
    • WooCommerce Attributes Menu Manager: Enhances the functionality of WooCommerce in ways I can’t quite remember at the moment
    • Discontinued Products: I use this on properties which have sold and are no longer available.
    • If someone wants to pay with BitCoin, I am happy to oblige. I went with CoinPayments because they a) enable an automatic escrow service and b) enable you to accept a (fully customizable) variety of cryptocurrencies, including discount/surcharge, and automatic conversion to other cryptocurrencies, or to real money. To date, I haven’t had any crypto sales, so I’m not sure how beneficial this actually is (and I may drop it once I get merchant services setup).

    WooCommerce has a variety of free and paid extensions, and support a variety of payment gateways (including our friends at Heartland Payment Systems). I focus on cash sales, but there are plugins which look like they enable you to set up a terms deal (pay a deposit today, then recurring payments for N months). Your best bet would be to use one of the free WordPress eCommerce plugins. I’ve heard good things about Shopify, but I went with WooCommerce because it is more widely deployed (and hence has more people looking at it/developing for it), and free/open source.

    WooCommerce is flexible, which is a good thing, but is flexible, which can be a bad thing since there are a lot of options. Websites using WooCommerce include Landpin and Clickbank.

    Finally, if you want to see what plugins/theme a WordPress site is using, this website will check and tell you what themes and plugins are active.

    Patrick Ayers
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    To finish my thoughts on Maps Builder, which I just noticed cuts off midsentence, I’m getting the paid version to enable an automatic map of available properties to be generated.

    Allan Baker
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    thanks for sharing all of this Patrick great post!

    Stuart Mullins
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    Really helpful. Got a couple of tips from this. Thanks!

    Darald Berger (@AggieLand)
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    @messidor-land thanks for sharing your site details. I’d been using for a while now to check what sites are built with.

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