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  • Luke Smith
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    Anyone using apps for collection photos of land?

    Have been reading about Foap and Snapwire. Foap has a lot more traction Snapwire is targeting higher quality from my initial impressions.

    I have been bad at collecting pictures but I have a couple properties I need to sell that have been sitting to long and want to get spring flower pics on them.

    Craig’s list back and fourth drives me crazy and they just seem too flakey. These apps sound promising. Anyone have any input or pointers to use them or better ones?

    Matt Rogers
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    I haven’t used either app, but just got fantastic drone photos of a property of mine in rural TN for only $50. I have had much better luck calling established photographers off Yelp or Facebook in each area to take property pics. Hiring off of Craigslist for photographers has been a nightmare for me in previous attempts. I’m sure it’s captain obvious, but going for established photogs with a web presence has been wayyyyyy more successful.

    Kevin Farrell
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    Matt – I have used CL in several markets but I only look at photograhers with a website and a portfolio. They have worked out well for photos and drone work. I never got anyone to leave the house for $50 tough!

    Luke Smith
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    50$ ? I just got a guy quoted me $500 plus travel expenses and more if I directed him on what photos or how. I’m passing. Should try the Facebook and Yelp never thought of that. Makes sense.

    Love the idea of web presence. The Craig’s list guys I had have been so bad I basically gave up collecting pictures.

    Stuart Mullins
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    Thumbtack is great for finding photographers. Post your project and the range you are willing to pay. The service provider pays to bid on your project, so they’re usually motivated and responsive.

    David Shelton
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    Has anyone tried ‘We Go Look’? I’m looking into it now. You can check out their website here:

    They have an army of ‘Visual Inspectors’ that will do a variety of things- including inspect and take photos of vacant land. I don’t know how extensive their network is, or what the pricing is yet. I need to talk to Sales to find out more.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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