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    Merritt Whitman
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    Hi All,

    I wanted to share a review of the call center I’ve utilized for my first mailer since I’ve had a really positive experience thus far. Until JillLive is up and running, I felt like it would be a good idea to explore options other than PatLive (I’ve heard mixed reviews of them from folks on my initial investigations).

    The company is called Moneypenny. As I understand it, they’re British based and recently expanded into the United States. I was attracted by the reviews I saw on some of the British websites, and the fact that they were new to the US–figured they might be hungrier to establish an excellent reputation here. I’m also a die-hard James Bond fan so…

    They have some really nifty things which to me set them apart from some other services. First and foremost, Moneypenny assigns a dedicated receptionist to your business. The receptionist is based out of their call center in North Carolina, so it’s not someone from overseas. Their account manager interviews you first and picks out someone she feels will be a good fit for your business. Then you actually interview the receptionist to get a feel for them and explain your business model and goals. I ended up sending them a cheat-sheet with all of the questions I wanted them to ask potential seller-callers + reviewed a sample offer I made so they could get a feel for what the caller may have experienced upon opening the mail.

    Another thing I like about them is that if for some reason your particular receptionist is unavailable to answer your call (If she’s on another call for example), the call gets dispersed to a small subgroup of 3 or 4 receptionists that work with your main receptionist as a team. She meets with them prior to the start of your plan and explains your business model. And apparently they have technology which allows them to see all of the bullet points about your business on their computer screens as they’re answering your calls so there is uniformity in understanding and response.

    Other cool things:

    1) They can set up VIP lists and alter how they respond to those folks if you’d like (haven’t tried this feature yet).
    2) They have an app that you can download on your phone that gives real-time push notifications to your phone if someone calls in. It essentially allows you to see the same message they email you without checking your email. It also allows you to update Moneypenny on your availability/location, whether or not you would like calls forwarded directly to you or not (bypassing the receptionist or not), and time slots you’re available to take calls.
    3) After your monthly call allotment for whatever tier you purchase, they charge per call, NOT per minute. I feel this is a massively important advantage over other call centers. Centers that charge per minute such as PatLive, are incentivized (whether intentionally or not) to keep callers on the phone, to keep them talking so your bill goes up– and that’s absolutely unacceptable in my opinion.
    4) They were able to set up a toll free number for me that is totally portable should I decide to move to a different service.
    5) Their technology allows them to see in real time if the same caller has called before–it also allows them to block callers so you don’t get charged if you run into a repetitive caller problem.
    6) Professionalism. Myself and some of my friends have made random calls to test the system and their ability to glean what I had asked of them. They passed each time and were very cordial and professional.

    Things That I Don’t Like:

    1) Unlike some other services such as PatLive, their calls aren’t recorded so you can’t listen to “the haight”–Huge Bummer! I had dreams of recording them, stringing them together and selling them on Ebay–haha. The main disadvantage I can see with this is that you can’t sample calls and see if you’d like to tweak anything they might be saying that doesn’t sound quite right. But the easy fix is to call in yourself from a different number or have your friends do mock calls to test them–not a big deal for me in the end.

    2) They are unable to ask what price would be an acceptable offer to a caller who calls in and wants a higher price (I think it’s a liability issue for them). They are however, able to report any price the caller mentions to them on the call–they just can’t solicit it unfortunately. Not that big of deal to me though.

    Thing that I misreported on a previous post in which I mentioned them:

    –You get a dedicated receptionist on any tier plan you decide to go with. Previously I thought that the dedicated receptionist started with the medium tier plan (apparently that’s how it is in the UK), but was pleasantly surprised to find out that this is a difference between Moneypenny USA and the UK branch.

    The folks I’ve talked to there who have both been outstanding communicators:

    Account Manager: Carmen
    My Receptionist: Shelby

    Hope this is of some use to the community.


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  • Tom Deeter
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    Thx for the review Merritt! I checked out the website. They do not share pricing plans — can you give us an idea on how much this service costs?


    Merritt Whitman
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    You bet, Tom.

    Here’s the pricing breakdown:

    Messenger Plan = $65/month, includes no free calls. 1st 45 calls are $1.95/call, subsequent calls $2.50/call

    30 Call Plan = $130/month, includes 30 calls. All subsequent calls $1.95/call (this is the plan I chose)

    90 call plan = $220/month. 90 calls included. All subsequent calls $1.95 each

    150 call plan = $330/month. 130 calls included, subsequent calls $1.95 each.

    I believe call coverage is 8AM – 6PM in whatever time zone you’re in.

    24/7 coverage is an extra $125/month

    Daytime weekend coverage: ? Can’t remember and don’t have that pricing as I have the 24/7 coverage.

    I would check with a woman named Carmen Carter at MoneyPenny. She’s an account manager and knows our business model. The receptionist that she set me up with is named Shelby and also knows the model. They also have house flippers as clients apparently

    Shane & Chris
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    Merritt, That is such valuable info thank you so much! I’d like an update from you or anyone for a 2019 call plan. Still happy with/using moneypenny? Has pat live fixed any bugs they had prior. first time user, and With a 14 day free trial, my thoughts are Pat live could handle a mailer for free to test run. What are some big glaring concerns you must cover when using the answering service?

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