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    There has been some discussion here on pat live and google voice. I signed up and have realized a google voice number probably is not going to work with Pat Live due to delays in pickups and missing calls.

    I currently have a GV number and want an answering service.

    I want to:

    -Keep my number
    -Have an answering service
    -Not carry an extra phone

    I am willing to port the number to something else whether free or not but don’t want another phone.

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    I use as my direct line. I can give/receive texts/calls using the vumber app on my personal phone. This phone number is my “direct line.” I can turn it off or set weekly hours if I desire not to receive any calls or texts for whatever reason. I have two vumber phone numbers, one for buying and one for selling. When I get a call, I know exactly what it will be for.

    I use PatLive (separate number) for all potential sellers. Once I receive the lead email from Patlive, I will call them from my vumber phone number. You can likely port the number you want to keep to Patlive or a service like Vumber. This may cost a small fee.

    Vumber or similar services allow you to carry around one phone while simultaneously using it for personal and business use.

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    I started down the path of using Dial Pad. It seems decent. I have tested out forwarding the number to pat live and they picked up real fast with no issues. I am in the process of porting my number from Google Voice. Hopefully that runs smooth. Looks like Dial pad I can add multiple numbers for another $7 month. Looks like Pat Live you can add numbers for $5 month. I think Dial Pad and Vumber might have similar features. The low end plan is about $25 after fees for Dial Pad. Very much worth it over the free Google Voice.

    Jake Robinson
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    what about this?

    Has anyone considered using a Skype-in and Skype-out service?

    When I lived in the UK it was a wallet-saver as I could call back to US for .02 per min.

    I then decided to get a skype-in number when I moved back to TN – 615 area code – Skype offers 10 digit numbers all of the US – you choose the area code and they will give you all the options. You can even choose a “vanity” number if you can find one – I use to have 615-xxx-JAKE (5253).

    I secured a 615 phone number for incoming calls… I purchased unlimited outbound calls and both (in and out) is about $110 per YEAR!

    Next, I have the skype app on my cell phone. This means if you call my 615 skype-in number my skype app will ring.

    I took it one step further – in skype you can forward incoming calls. So now I can have all skype calls forwarded to my cell number.

    Now, you can specify in skype how many rings it will ring skype app before it forwards. I set mine to two rings. This means my skype app on my cell phone will start ringing… I can ignore it and not try to answer because after two rings it automatically starts ringing my cell phone number. Since I only use my skype number on my mailers – when my skype number rings I know I am about to answer my cell as “BuyBuyLand, Jake speaking” and know I am about to speak to a mailer recipient. This allow me to monitor and answer calls on one phone and not miss land calls… You could technically have skype forward on one ring (which I may test out) or even no rings, but then you prob won’t be able to tell if you are getting a business call or just regular/friend or whatever on your cell phone.

    It is a lowcost method to have a dedicated phone line and if you’re sitting in front of your computer with the skype app on, technically you could answer it there as well.

    Plus every number that ever calls is in the skype history. You can assign names to the numbers and it becomes a pretty decent contact manager app with caller ID.

    If you have used skype in a similar method maybe you could chime in…

    looked up – latest pricing

    for skype number – if you susbscibe annually -it’s $39 (taxes included)

    for unlimited outbound calling – $71.30 per year

    so, for all in for phone service – $110.30

    Jake Robinson
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    My first calls from my first mailer came in this morning – worked flawlessly… both the older women with some Haight! the second said she knows her local DA and thinks she will report this as fraud… can’t wait for that ;>)

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    If you have T-Mobile, look into their Digits virtual numbers. The feature set of these numbers will allow you to receive texts on your existing cell phone(s) and easily dial out from your Digits #. The inbound calls can be forwarded to a PatLive number.

    I personally use all the features except for the call forwarding. The reviews are pretty good in terms of reliability and – as someone who works in telcom in my day job – the underlying architecture for this service looks stronger for consistent call delivery than Google Voice (which I’ve also used).

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