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    I was doing some research on how to pick counties and I wanted to share an idea.

    I’ve been using a population “heat map” of the state I’m working in. We are looking for counties with lots of vacant land that people no longer want. But we still need it to be accessible to potential buyers or be within 1-2 hours of cities.

    I’ve been selecting counties by the largest color of contrast. In this map of Georgia, I’m picking the green colored counties, closest to the red/orange color counties. My thinking is that, these are still weekend drivable distances to people who live in the metro area but still rural enough to have cheap vacant land.

    Your thoughts?

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    Hi Chris–I just joined LA last month and browsing through the forums for interesting ideas. Curious how your county search was influenced by your idea in the Georgia graphic? Did this turn out to be a good way for you to identify target counties?


    Marc Littmann
    Longmont, CO

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