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    I sent out a batch of blind offers and I received a counter offer for a 2ac property in Huerfano County Colorado for $2600.

    This is the first real conversation I have had with a seller. He seems interested, but not too motivated. I have sent several mailers out but I seem to have a hard time with pricing despite my repeated review of the course material, so my confidence wasn’t great to start with, but is all the more shaky now. BUT I WILL NOT GIVE UP!

    Part of me thinks it is doable at that price *if* I can sell it for 4k but the other part of me wants to stay the course and wait for a better deal closer to my asking price (<$1,000 in case you were wondering.) I was hoping to get a few rational people to talk some sense into me? Would I be crazy to do the deal at his proposed price? Or would I be crazy not to?!

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would stick to your pricing. You only want deals that can be sold quickly. Otherwise, you will be forced to mark up a property to cover your cost and make a reasonable profit. The more you mark up, the longer it will sit and the more you will be frustrated. On the other hand, how desirable is the land? If its pretty with trees, why not experiment with it?

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    Hi there! This property is in the Rio Cucharas subdivision. a lot of dirt and trees. Honestly it is hard for me to tell how attractive the land there is. You may know more about the area than I do.

    Luke Smith
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    Just option it and test the market.

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