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    Luke Smith
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    So I got a guy with a laundry list of properties he bought in the 90’s at auctions. He loves auctions in person but complains they are probably all on the internet now and he is too old for that. He said yes to my offer on his 20 acres! The property is on Route 66 on one side and the railroad on the other.

    I am inclined to just buy it and see what happens. I can sell Route 66. I dig it. What about the railroad? Is that good or bad? He says other properties he has along the railroad started putting up cell towers and other auxiliary stuff over time.

    Thinking I close this one and make offers on all his others. They are all within reasonable drives of his residence but spread across different counties I would need to learn.

    Anyone think otherwise?

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  • Luke Smith
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    Sold three ugly properties today.
    One property was split by a railroad so sold either side separately. Neither one got much attention on eBay and they ended up selling for a little less than cost.

    Another one that I thought would be hard to sell next to a super major power line sold for about double cost.

    Thinking I will point these kinds of things out and use them as negotiation points going forward to lower cost.

    George Dean
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    Thanks Luke for the updates….


    Jill DeWit
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    I normally LOVE parcels next to RR. Access, possible utilities near, might be great for signage type company. (Buying a 40 acre parcel that has RR through it right now.) Good job!

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