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    Moli Langi
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    I recently sent out my first mailer to Mohave County, AZ. I sent about 1350 offers, but I am wondering if I may have priced them too low. I priced them at $164/acre for 5 acre lots. Which was about 19% or market value instead of 35% (on the equity planner spreadsheet). What kind of response should I be expecting from such low offers?

    What typically qualifies for meeting a deal funding criteria from members? What are the particular things members look for before funding? I am wanting to get my first few deals funded, so that I can build up more capital.

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Moli – in Mohave County I suspect there is a lot of competition so many of your offers will go in the trash. However, you will get some accepted and you should get a couple of deals. Hang in there and adjust the price on your next mailer.

    People who fund deals in the land community usually want 50% of the profits and you do all the leg work. You should really do a few deals on your own first to learn the ropes and get your business set up and running.

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