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    Hi experienced investors,

    I’m wondering if you would recommend having 2 separate companies for your operation: 1 for acquisitions and 1 for sales? Or if having just a single company for buying and selling works.

    My concern with having 1 single company that buys and sells, is that when I send out mailers, the potential sellers would look up my company and the parcels I’m selling and see the markup compared to what I’m offering them.

    What have your experiences been? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    No need to complicate your life that much. One business and one website for buying and selling for me and it has worked just fine. Very few buyers and seller check your website. The ones that have don’t seem to mind. I always tell people that I am a wholesale land dealer and that I buy and sell land. Once said, there is not much that they need to know. No deception required.

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    Thank you for the response, Kevin! Much appreciated! And thanks for all your other responses along this forum too, they are very helpful, especially as I’m just starting out and able to glean some knowledge and experience.

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    Kevin, you should do this: take all your posts from this forum and put it into a book. You already wrote it here. Now go package it and sell it. I’m the first buyer. PS: make it expensive book.

    Luke Smith
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    Kevin is too good at answering these. I’ll just tell stories.

    Had this lady call in to say she sold me some land and was checking my website. Said I am missing the easement to the land she worked so hard on setting up. Sent me some maps from the 50’s title never found nor did two surveyors I tried to figure it out. Nothing about the price. She wanted me to sell it. She wants someone to use it. Then the real story came out. Her step mom was living next door. Has other kids living there in trailers and if I get someone in there to build next to them she will be so happy. She hates them and they hate her. They block the road and grow pot. they never built a septic system and should get kicked out. This was not about $ for her it was revenge.

    Just like Kevin says, don’t make it complicated and stop trying to guess what they are going to do or why just go with it and ask for more money than I have been doing its out there.

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