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    Lucas Osorio
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    After five months, four thousand letters, and 5 assignment deals, I’ve finally got a deal that I was able to self fund and now it’s under contract to sell. It feels great.
    My offer was for a property that was already listed. The seller and I couldn’t agree on a price. However he had a tiny parcel in a nearby county that he was also wanting to get rid of. It was so tiny I wasn’t sure if anything could be done with it, but it was right downtown in a nice community directly off main street. City zoning allowed for trailers and modular homes so I went for it. We agreed on a price. Closed quickly. I put up a for sale sign and it was under contract to sell within a week. Never even had time to get my posting online. Bought for $3,800 and sold for $9,000. Now I have enough cash to go back and try some deals that I missed from my first mailer again. I owe a debt of gratitude to this community. Your examples keep us going. Thank you.

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  • Thomas Robbins
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    Thats great Lucas! very happy for you. I’ve been at it too for the same amount of time waiting for my first listing to sell. we’ll both soon be in a rhythm with aquisitions and sales.

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    Good to hear you took one down. With a respectable margin as well. 🙂

    Anthony Taft
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    Congratulations, Your success here shows you should always ask sellers about their other properties.
    A lesson I need to learn. Cheers!

    Eric Castaneda
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    Congrats Lucas!

    You have shown that persistence and patience pays off!

    This is very encouraging and inspiring. Wishing you continued success!

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